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The Nexia Tax Alliance helps practitioners provide more services to clients.

An alternative tax solution to better service your clients.

Nexia provides tax advice to firms on behalf of their clients from which practitioners and their clients have significantly benefitted. The training sessions and phone call service are also very convenient.

What is the Nexia Tax Alliance?

The Nexia Tax Consulting division comprises a team of experienced advisors. We specialise in delivering solutions-based outcomes to assist clients in making important decisions concerning their businesses. Membership to the Nexia Tax Alliance gives you access to our vast accumulation of experience in advising on a wide range of taxation issues.

Tax Law is increasingly complex and voluminous. Clients typically ask their accountant for tax advice, or perhaps more commonly, accountants identify tax issues.

Clients rely on you to resolve tax issues that might be outside of your comfort zone. This may come with time-cost pressures as well as the stress of trying to resolve an issue that you may be uncomfortable with. The Nexia Tax Alliance can help by giving your client access to the specialist tax advice they need.

Key Benefits

Tax Training

Nexia conducts a number of tax training sessions per year which provide informative and practical coverage of a range of current and relevant tax and business topics.

Nexia Tax Alliance members are entitled to have up to three people from their firm attend each training session, which will count as CPD hours.

Phone call service

Sometimes you come across a tax issue for a client where it would be helpful to ask a tax specialist about it.

Nexia’s phone call service allows you to call any of our tax consulting team with a tax query. We will endeavour to resolve your query or perhaps point you in the right direction. Whilst this is not intended to be a complete substitute for your own research, we place no limitation on the number of calls you can make. 

Responses are only verbal and cannot be relied on as advice. If the issue requires any research or a written response is desired, we can provide a fee proposal.

Complimentary meeting

It is understandable that a client may be reluctant to commit to an engagement if they are not used to paying for specialist advice. Accordingly, we are more than happy to have a brief meeting with you and your client – free of charge. This allows your client to fully explain their circumstances and we can discuss the relevant tax issues.

Even if your client decides not to proceed any further, all it has cost is a small amount of their time. But this still enhances your relationship because recommending they see a tax specialist demonstrates that you are looking after your clients’ best interests. 

Written advice

Tax is a risk issue for businesses, and just like any other business risk, it must be managed. Your clients pay insurance to manage the risk of their building being destroyed. In the same way, paying for tax advice is not just about getting the best tax result, it is also managing the risk of unnecessarily triggering a tax exposure. In addition, there are occasions where your client can only make an informed decision when the tax consequences are known.

Where your client is confronted with this kind of significant tax issue, written advice may be warranted. This can be tailored to the needs and risk profile of your client. The following issues are typically ones where a client should seek written advice: 

  • Qualifying for and applying the CGT small business relief concessions to a business or asset sale, including extracting the funds from a trust or company
  • Sell the business assets or sell the company?
  • Property transactions, including income tax, CGT, GST and main residence exemption
  • More complicated trust losses or Division 7A scenarios
  • Restructures, mergers and introducing or exiting owners of a business
  • International tax issues
  • Winding up entities.

Our advice is written in plain English. Your client will understand their position and be clear on anything required to be done or any recommendations.

Our approach

Fee proposals

Where written advice is required, we provide a fee proposal and scope for approval before any work commences. This ensures there are no surprises over the scope and cost of the advice.

We guarantee not to solicit your client. How we deliver tax advice to your client is entirely up to you. Some practitioners prefer that we have no contact with their client, while others are happy for us to liaise directly with their client. We work in whatever way suits you. The overriding principle is that you are our client and we guarantee not to solicit your client. The foundation of the Nexia Tax Alliance is the trust that practitioners have in us to deliver the best outcome for all.

How to Join

Annual Subscription to the Sydney Tax Alliance Network is A$299 (GST inclusive).

If you would like to join, please email: (and we will send you an application form) or call direct on 02 8264-0755.