From 1 July 2020 you will be able to prepare and lodge your income tax return. We provide fixed fee quotes for all forms of income tax return lodgements:

  • Personal Income Tax Returns
    • Rental property schedules
    • Business schedules
    • Foreign Income reporting
    • Business and personal deductions
  • Company Tax Returns
    • Business Schedules
    • International Dealings Schedules
    • Foreign Income reporting
    • Franking Account
  • Discretionary Trust and Unit Trust
    • Income Tax Returns
    • Distribution Minutes

For some taxpayers in 2020, it is likely where they have worked only part year, they may be entitled to a tax refund. This can generally occur where the amount of withholding was initially calculated on a full year of income. Where employees have only worked part of the year (for example due to COVID), they may be eligible for a refund.

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