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Sydney Tax Adviser

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Our team of taxation specialists can assist you and your business.  Our member is located in the CBD of Sydney at 1 Market Street.  From a mid-tier firm with access to a global network of tax professions.  To find out more call Sean Urquhart on 8264-0755.

We experts in the following areas:

  • Small Business Capital Gains Tax Concessions

If you are new to business and want to ensure your structure is optimized to access these concessions we can assist.  Further, if you are in the process of selling your business we can assist to ensure you obtain a tax efficient outcome.

  • Good and Services Tax

Are you claiming the correct amount of GST?  Are you new to importing goods and services into Australia and need to understand the process.  We can assist with your registration and GST technical analysis.

  • Business Restructures

Is your business structured correctly?  Did you know that there are measures in place that allow small businesses to change their structures in a tax efficient manner?  In addition there are numerous rollover concessions, whether you are looking at ‘top-hatting’ under Div 615, or perhaps restructuring under the small business restructure measures, we can provide a technical analysis and recommendation to ensure you achieve what you are after.

  • Tax Consolidations

Our Sydney Tax Advisor’s can assist with a review of the appropriateness of consolidating for income tax.  We often approach this in two stages.  Stage 1 provides a high level analysis of the potential tax impact of tax consolidation, whereas Stage 2 provides the detailed calculation involves with resetting assets and determining the use of losses within the group.

  • Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) / Salary Packaging remuneration

There are many concessions associated with salary packaging and fringe benefits.  If your business requires an analysis of its existing remuneration model we can assist from FBT to employee share scheme setup.

  • International Expansion

Is your business looking at expanding abroad?  We can assist with structuring you business to ensure you have an efficient tax structure.  There are certain structures that work well in different tax jurisdictions, hence it is critical to get it done correctly from the outset.  We also have tax specialists that can assist with your businesses transfer pricing documentation.

  • Private Binding Rulings

Is your tax matter in the ‘grey’ area, or do you simply require absolute certainty? We have a specialist team that can assist with the preparation of a private binding ruling.

Our local member is Sean Urquhart, a Sydney tax advisor and Director of a mid-tier Sydney based Chartered Accounting firm and consults via his firm.  If you would like to find out more please email our member direct on : or call him direct on 8264-0755.